It’s Good to Work/Walk

A number of years ago an article in a Sunday newspaper (I can’t remember which.) started me on the road to ‘Blogdom’.  It was entitled The No Diet Diet.  There was also a book (There’s always a book.), written by Professor Ben Fletcher, Dr Karen Pine and Dr Danny Penman.  The simple lesson was this:  “People are over-weight because they are imprisoned by their bad habits…break these hidden habits so you can effortlessly lose weight.”

At the time my evening routine, on returning from work, consisted of plopping myself down in front of the TV and ‘chilling’.  The article suggested that to break this kind of ‘bad habit’ you should write something – anything – for 15 minutes, then stop. It didn’t matter whether or not you had come to the end.  You did your 15 minutes and you stopped.  So, one evening I sat down and wrote about starting The No Diet Diet. Once I had finished I realised I could do this every day in a Blog, sharing the different ways in which I was trying to break my bad habits.  Thus I found myself on the road to ‘Blogdom’.

So, what has this got to do with it being good to work/walk, you’re thinking.  Well, in previous jobs I considered lunch breaks to be for Whimps.  For me there always seemed to be so much to do that it was easier to pop to the canteen, get a sandwich and be back at my desk in minutes to carry on working.  But now that I’m at GSM London as a Careers Adviser I have two very good reasons to break that bad habit.  With campuses in Greenwich and Greenford, two great London locations, my preferred option is to go out for walks at lunchtime rather than sit at my desk.  I may change my mind come the summer and the tourists, particularly in Greenwich, but for now these legs are made for walking.

It is good to go to work because, not only can I enjoy beautiful walks, particularly in the spring and summer, I can also indulge my other passion – photography.  The images below were taken on my mobile in Greenwich and Greenford.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich a few days ago and I was on a mission, along Trafalgar Road, to find a leisure centre to practice another ‘good habit’ – lunchtime swimming. In Greenford I discovered a path along the canal which is beautiful when the sun’s out. You have to make way for and dodge the odd member of what looks like the senior citizens’ walking club but it’s a pleasant, not too strenuous walk with lots of photo opportunities.  I’m thinking of taking my big camera on my next outing.

As a Careers Adviser I get the opportunity to do a job that I can say I honestly love doing in an environment that has opened up a host of other possibilities for me to use and craft a range of skills.  I can be creative with stills and videos to help students with their career strategy, I get to experience the health benefits of walking and I can improve my swimming.

So you see, for me, it’s good to work/walk.

Tree bridge bridge 1 bird Greenwich Walk 4 Greenwich Walk 3 Greenwich Walk 2 Lunchtime Walks


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